Dairy Farms

Price:5,800,000 € RU21
Contract type:FOR SALE
Investment Prop.:NO
Location:Russia, W
Approx. Area5300 ha
Special Note:RU21

About Property

NOVGOROD REGION ...5300ha farm business located adjacent to the Moscow to St Petersburg Expressway………...compact layout with large flat fields with no stones….. At present the farm is set up for milk production and majority sown in grassland…….. Own milk factory capable of processing 100 tonnes per day, a food processing facility, all to current health standards with sewerage infrastructure in place. ….Also there is new 440KVA Transformer Sub station…...all on a 2.2ha site....... Possibility to connect to mains gas supply if desired  …..permission already granted…….The cattle complex houses 1200 cows (nearly completed) was designed and manufactured and transported from Holland……….Range of hay barns, grain stores, storage warehouse, 4 x large silage silos plus more under construction…...The farm has its own 60 tonne cement production facility (ex Italy)…..

As the farm is located along side the expressway there is the possibility to create a logistic / service area facility…… 

Novgorod Region have in place important tax exemptions and fiscal benefits for inward investment as well as grants towards building agricultural installations…...All in all the region is very pro business with many European and others companies benefitting from these incentives......Possibility to acquire more land...…......Price : 5,800,000 Euros


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Dear Clients,

We are glad to send you our request about investing in agriculture in Russia. Summer time in Russia is the best time to look out for potential acquisitions in agriculture. In several parts of Russia  farming subsidized with up to 50% of the investment made.

If you are still interested in investing in agriculture in Russia, than we need to know the following in order to proceed.

- What sector in agriculture you are interested in investing: dairy business, arable farming, sheep farming, pig breeding, cattle ranching, poultry keeping, viticulture, vegetable growing, large scale orchards

- What soil or precipitation do you expect : black earth or brown soil, precipitation per year from 450mm to 1200mm

- Would you like to invest in a vertical integrated business like cheese factories, milk processing facilities, elevators, mills or even bakeries 

- Do you like to farm by your self or do you like to invest and let us manage your business

- Do you like to buy or rent farmland and how many hectares are you looking for?

- How much equity capital do you have available in order to discuss different opportunities

 Please download here the presentation!


Please send us back your requirements as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely, 
Marko Pantelic 
+41 79 954 01 73 

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