Russia - livestock farms available REF : RU14
Mixed Farms, Russia

Russia- south.36,000 ha available.Fertile black soil.For more details contact us…...REF : RU14

36000 ha
 Vineyard in Russia  REF : V02
Vineyards, Russia

Wine business and factory with 3,000 ha available to rent. Situated in Crimea - Stavropol area.  Excellent climate.Fully stocked cellar of wines and old Cognacs.Price and more details - contact us…...REF : V02

3000 ha
 Farm in Russia - dairy business  REF : RU16
Dairy Farms, Russia

Kharbarovsk area. Long established dairy business looking for an investor to finance new dairy complex. Situation - ideal for exporting to China, South Korea and Japan.....REF : RU16

0 ha
Fish Farming, Russia

Komsomolsk on Amur - Looking for an investor for the creation of an eco friendly fish farm producing 50 tonnes of finished fish per month. Minimum investment 50 Million ROUBLES. Good potential for exporting to China, South Korea and particularly Japan.....REF : RU17 

0 ha
 Russia - forestry opportunity  REF: RU18
Forestry, Russia

RUSSIA - West and Eastern regions.....Wood logging opportunities via the renting of 10,000 ha. Good export markets to Japan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and India......Minimum investment to set up the business including machinery and trucks would be 2,000,000 Euros....... Also possible to acquire at extra cost a sawmill……..REF : RU18

10000 ha