Small Tornado Kills 2 Workers

Post Date: Mart 2009

Two Bulgarian farm workers were killed and a third seriously injured yesterday when a small tornado struck the car in which they had been traveling near the small town of Nea Manolada, in the Peloponnesian prefecture of Illea.

The whirlwind swept up thecar and hurled it into the wall of a junkyard, according to the local police. It also wrecked crops in the area and caused minor damage to the roofs of several buildings as well as electricity pylons. Local residents also reported several trees being uprooted and even paving slabs from village squares being moved by strong winds. Several parked cars were overturned too.

Fire brigade and police units were conducting patrols in the greater area yesterday evening to ensure that no harm comes to other residents. Local authorities are today due to make a start on assessing the extent of the damage wreaked by the whirlwind. The prefecture of Illea was among the hardest hit by the catastrophic forest fires of summy 2007.