EU enlargement to include Serbia

EU enlargement to include Serbia?Following cajoling by the EU over the last few months regarding the thorny issue of Kosovo (not recognised by Serbia), and a very clear indication by the Belgrade government to do whatever it takes to apprehend the infamous war criminal Rako Mladic initial negotiations relative to

Post Date: 01.11.2010
Creation of green city

PortugalCreation of green cityAn investment that is expected to be in the region of at least 10 billion euros is set to result in the world's first environmentally sustainable city. The planned city PlanIT Valley is to built on a 1,700 hectare site at Paredes, near Porto, and will become

Post Date: 27.10.2010
Student invents first solar-powered lawnmower

A Sydney schoolboy has successfully engineered what is thought to be the world's first solar powered lawnmower.Vaughan Watson used second-hand parts, including an old radiator to create his masterpiece."It runs for four hours off the battery, that's a four-vault battery. It takes 48 hours to charge in the light and

Post Date: 24.06.2008
Did you know there are more than 1700 varieties of Tomato

Did you know there are more than 1700 varieties of Tomato. Here is a picture of production in Mexico where they actually originate.

Post Date: 05.11.2007
Guess the equipment

Can anyone guess the name and origins of this machine?

Post Date: 03.10.2007