Hit by weather and EU curbs, overall wine production in the world has fallen by 6 percent in last year. Reuters photo Global wine production fell sharply last year due to bad weather in Europe and a recent policy to drain its "wine lakes", while Chile and United States saw

Post Date: 10.04.2013
News in 2013

HungaryThe present Government is looking at legislation to prevent land speculation while allowing citizens of the European Union to own farmland. after the scheduled moratorium ends in 2014.There is also a lot of concern surrounding another land issue - dating back to spring 2012. 65,000 hectares of state owned land

Post Date: 02.02.2013
Wheat Prices Under Pressure

Due to hard frosts in Eastern Europe and France + lack of rainfall it is now estimated that 6 million tonnes of wheat production will be lost this year - equalling 5% of the normal yield.

Post Date: 05.05.2012
Serbia - Novi Sad International Agricultural Fair 14 - 21 May.

Serbia - Novi Sad International Agricultural Fair 14 - 21 May.Attending this fair on a overcast and wet day it was interesting to note the manufacturers that were trying to sell their tractors from Asia. See pictures of Mahindra tractors for example. They were opposite such well established names as

Post Date: 03.05.2011
EU enlargement to include Serbia

EU enlargement to include Serbia?Following cajoling by the EU over the last few months regarding the thorny issue of Kosovo (not recognised by Serbia), and a very clear indication by the Belgrade government to do whatever it takes to apprehend the infamous war criminal Rako Mladic initial negotiations relative to

Post Date: 01.11.2010